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Information gathered compliments other geospatial and survey data acquisition seamlessly.  UAVs quickly advancing technology, safety and versatility, is lending itself well to usage in a variety of new ways within all industries that we service.

Highly accurate and detailed layout, collecting as-built data and document turnover. Using a combination of the newest equipment and technology, we help transform your paper plans into reality.

Transforming reality into a digital twin has never been easier. Using only the best 3D scanning equipment, we are able to capture anything the eye can see and turn it into a digital model and point cloud.

Whether looking to acquire a real property report, design a subdivision, plan a commercial build or stake a utility corridor, our diverse professionals offer comprehensive land surveying services.

Using the latest technology and procedures to ensure your work area is accurately marked and detailed mapping provided. Taking precautionary measures and preventing underground facilities during any ground disturbance cannot be understated.

Our experienced team has the ability to assist with any pipeline scope. Apex has acquired years of experience supporting high-profile pipeline construction and maintenance projects from Saskatchewan to the coast of British Columbia.